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ooh this looks really good!


Yum...thanks for the tips. I'm definitely going to go and buy some spuds and try this recipe.


Do you have an oven? Or one of those microwave ovens?

I need an oven...

I want to make your potatoes!


Looks great! I've actually seen Delia Smith (British Chef) demonstrate this method when she was teaching how to roast potatoes--she did hers with garlic and rosemary, but she used the same technique.


Thanks Kat!

Fiona, I have the usual microwave/convection oven. Really wish I had a proper full-sized gas one, but I'm slowly getting used to my little oven. It works fine for roasting, but the heat is really uneven- not a huge problem if I turn around the pan frequently.

Tm- so it's not quite the secret method I thought it was! I will definitely be adding some garlic cloves next time.

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